Applying 4DX to Senior Projects


Masoud Sadjadi, Sumesh Kumar

Product Owner(s):

Masoud Sadjadi


The Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX) is a way of managing teams and making sure that managers and teams know the wildly important goals of their organization, as well as motivate teams to be more effective through keeping track of individual efforts on a scoreboard, and being held accountable for their performance [1]. Applying 4DX to Senior Projects was developed this semester to implement a systematic way of applying 4DX to the Scrum workflow that Senior Students are already performing, to better motivate engagement in their project and offer an added solution that tracks performance of individual teams for the Instructor of the Capstone course. A Login/Registration page was added for security measures, as well as the tables where teams can add their wildly important goals, a table for adding lead measures, and a table/chart that acts like a Scoreboard. The basic functionality of being able to add/edit WIGs has been implemented, as well as the functionality to add/edit lead measures and distribute points, whether completed or not, to the appropriate WIGs and Scoreboard entries (a team member’s points). There are still things that can be improved on, though, such as implementing more interesting features to the forms and tables that better logs performance, facilitating access and editing when users are on the same document, etc.

Team Members

Diego Aviles

Jose Hernandez

Evelyn Madera

Nelson Montenegro