Miami-Dade County Vacancy Compliance Ver 2.0


Richard Roda

Product Owner(s):

Raymond Diaz, Dr. Masoud Sadjadi


The intent of the system is to aid Miami-Dade County with their Vacancy Compliance Program. In doing so, it presents Miami-Dade County employees with relevant, up-to-date data for each Public Housing unit located in Miami-Dade County. This system also helps communication between Miami-Dade County and Federal Housing and Urban Development employees. Features such as a responsive Graphical User Interface, General Unit Searching, Account Management System, and Automated Data Reconciliation will provide Miami-Dade employees with a robust and informative application that can be used quickly and efficiently in comparison to their current methods of accomplishing similar tasks. The idea is to build upon the application to a point where it can facilitate more information and relevant metrics, in addition to providing Miami-Dade departments ease of use.

Team Members

Joseph Nguyen

Alex Angee