Aviation Job Board Portal

Product Owner(s):

Masoud Sadjadi


The Aviation Job Board Portal was conceived as a means to give jobseekers and employers in the aviation industry the capacity to create or apply to jobs. The website essentially has the same functionality as LinkedIn but for a specific niche industry. We intend to create a website in which job seekers are able to search for jobs, apply for jobs, look at available events, and build their user profile. For employers they will be able to post jobs and events, as well as build a profile for their company. Also, employers will be able to look for candidates by filtering jobseekers by their skills. This document presents the development process taken by the Summer 2020 team members and the Fall 2020 team members to create the Aviation Job Board Portal. This process is presented in the Scrum documentation produced during development and the UML diagrams generated by the development.

Team Members

Dany Franco

Ryan Pineyro

Eric Bazan

Joel Echagarrua