BOLO Flier Creator v9.0

Product Owner(s):

Jason Cohen


Dr. Masoud Sadjadi


The Pinecrest Police Department(PPD) sought help from FIU’s college of engineering and computer science to digitalize the current process used to fill and distribute criminal fliers. BOLO Flier Creator, a web application created on 2015, was FIU’s response to tackle PPD’s difficulties. The previous BOLO iteration, BOLO v8.0, was not sufficient enough because the login system did not comply to FBI’s standards, prohibiting PPD’s access to their data. The current BOLO iteration, v9.0, upholds to FBI’s login standards, and adds an installation package. The document will provide the information necessary to gain a sufficient amount of understanding of BOLO Flier Creator v9.0.

Team Members

Christopher Stein

Nicholas Ricknauth