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Masoud Sadjadi

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Masoud Sadjadi


Masoud Sadjadi


BreazeHome is a web-based real-estate search application led and managed by Dr. Masoud Sadjadi. The application was and continues to be, developed by students of the Computer Science department at Florida International University during their final semester. Students follow a strict Agile Scrum methodology and contribute to the project where they can. BreazeHome is currently on version 5.0, and so on the fifth semester of students working on developing the application. As a real-estate search application, BreazeHome has as its main functionality the ability to curate property listings and allow users to navigate through them. In its current state, this section of the application is significantly lacking. Search is slow and, at times, dysfunctional. When functional, a query will return results with significant lag, during which the page provides no indication to the user that the results are being retrieved. Entering an incorrect query does not provide appropriate feedback to the user, so no ability for the user to correct for that. In addition to this, the site contains reproducible user interface bugs, lacks ability for customization, and offers an inconvenient and unintuitive overall user experience.

Team Members

Hamza Salem

Abraham Saiovici

Jose A. Gonzalez