BreazeHome: Social Media Integration


Yuzhou Feng

Product Owner(s):

Masoud Sadjadi


Masoud Sadjadi


This document presents the investigation and development made by our team to continue enhancing BreazeHome website during the Advanced Software Engineering class, Fall 2017. The work presented in this document corresponds with the Social Media Integration goals that were set. The main goals being to integrate the BreazeHome website with most popular social networks with the intention of attracting users to the platform. It begins by describing the current system, some of its flaws and the solutions that were created to improve the system according to the Agile methodology of satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. I continues by discussing the user stories developed during the semester, those that were fully implement and those that were designed and prepared to be continued by new students/developers working in the project. The document also gives an overview of the project plan, system design, and system validation. With it we want to outline the problems we address and the solutions we proposed to those problems. We hope that thanks to our modest contribution BreazeHome is now a better platform than we started the project.

Team Members

Adrian Hernandez

Alejandro Zorrilla

Niuriset Monzon

Miguel Barquet