Citizen Scientist Project Application 2.0


Nathan Moyer

Product Owner(s):

Nathan Moyer


Masoud Sadjadi


The Key Biscayne Citizen Scientist Project has requested the development of an mobile application for iOS and Android to be able to expand their audience and further fulfill their mission of having citizen and professional scientists monitor, protect and share information on the most critical natural resources of Key Biscayne. The application aims to feature the information provided on the Key Science website as well as integrating offline viewing, an easier to use mobile user interfaces, user profiles and the Geo Hunt educational game. The Citizen Scientist Project iOS Application 2.0 is the second release of the application and aims to extend the functionality of the previous Version 1.0 to provide a much more user friendly experience. Our team has also be started the development process of an Android Application that will mimic the iOS application.

Team Members

Kenny Acosta

Amir Jindani

Fabian Kaiser