CodeVR 1.0 A Virtual Reality Application for Interactive Programming


Francisco Ortega, Masoud Sadjadi, Juan Caraballo

Product Owner(s):

Francisco Ortega


Francisco Ortega, Masoud Sadjadi, Juan Caraballo


The goal of the CodeVR project is to address the issue of the lack of software developers joining the field, and ultimately help more students feel confident in pursuing a career in Computer Science. Users in the CodeVR environment will be able to interact with pre-designed animations that will showcase the flow of execution of common sorting algorithms as visual representations. The application provides a hand tool for an interactive user experience and more flexible interactions with objects in the virtual environment. The 3D virtual objects that a user can interact with are based off a custom CodeVR language which was implemented specifically for this project. Additionally, this release of CodeVR 1.0 features a source to source compiler that allows generated CodeVR source code to be translated into Python.

Team Members

Miguel A. Jardines

Andres Chalela

Rolf Gilet