Data Hub for Public Sector 311 Service Requests


Farzana Beente

Product Owner(s):

Dr. Giri Narasimhani


Local governments provide a 311 customer service for non-emergency requests such as trash pickup, fallen debris, dead animals, etc. Each year there are over 300,000 requests that are logged. These requests are placed in a large database for the public to view, however, viewers are only able to see the raw database with no data trends are shown. In addition to this, only a small handful of cities are even storing these request logs let alone publishing them for public view. These requests hold valuable information that can be used to streamline many processes in the county. Be able to tell which days have the most trash pickup requests can allow the county to be better prepared on those days to deal with the high demand. Even being able to see which areas certain calls are most common. Making this data easy to understand and analyze is the goal of this project.

Team Members

Yasmine Abdrabo

Trent Alonzo