eEVA Data Generation and User Results Analysis Ver2.0


Stephanie Lunn (eEVA) and Mohsen Taheri (Senior Design)

Product Owner(s):

Dr. Christine Lisetti


Masoud Sadjadi


Within this document is the information necessary to gain a good foundation of understanding for eEVA (an empathetic embodied virtual agent). This system is currently focused on administering health assessments for alcohol screening; although because of the systems flexibility due to its design, it is possible for this system to be adapted for administering different interventions with revision by an administrator. Users currently interact with this health counseling agent through the web, with the use of cameras and microphones to communicate with the avatar itself. eEVA processes the user’s responses and records them on the interventions. Our focus, was to provide eEVa with several functions necessary for the revision of content and her interactions, as well as to design the means by which the user can choose their initial counselor, prior to beginning as counselling session, as well as change their counselor selection while in session.

Team Members

Emmanuel Henley

Andy Regueira