Alex Monaco

Product Owner(s):

Masoud Sadjadi


We needed to modify the previous expert BigDaddy Rubberband based on the Head and Shoulders Strategy. Throughout previous semesters we follow in their footsteps and will engage in making a better expert. The end result should be modifying some signals and indicators that have been proven to be outdated. Our goal is to decide which signals are helping/harming the expert in making a profit from its trades. In our success of this goal, we also plan to have better suited in the M30 to H6 timeframe where most trades are happening with a different signal. We begin with first understanding the previous team and document as we progress for future teams. After analyzing how the head & shoulders signal worked. We found that it loses deals after a drop and is hindering the expert. We also continued to look through other signals to remove and add. As a team, we reviewed with not only ours but with other teams and reached based upon our research the best trending technique!

Team Members

Alexis Worschell

Keilyn del Valle