Yolanda Besilario

Product Owner(s):

Masoud Sadjadi


EForT is a platform that allows traders to make empowered and better-informed decisions with information on the financial market, trading tools, education, and technical analysis of an account. The EFVT team works across the entire stack to provide data visualizations in the application related to the equity data of a user’s Forex Trading account(s). This semester, EFVT collaborated with both EFWA and EFWE teams on extensively documenting the environment setup for future project members. Furthermore, the team tested, triaged, and ensured features claimed to be completed by previous teams were fully functional by addressing any bugs found. Prioritized in the backlog was visualizing balance information on the graph, allowing users to save and load templates, and linking real Forex accounts to the platform. The team worked with JavaScript, jQuery, C#, .NET Core, and Entity Framework.

Team Members

Estefani Arroyo

Nalin Suri