Masoud Sadjadi, Yolanda Belisario

Product Owner(s):

Masoud Sadjadi


EForT is short for Empowered Forex Traders, which is a web application that was created for the fictional Forex MetaBroker company. EForT is meant to aid clients with little to no knowledge of the Foreign Exchange Mark in successfully trading like a professional. This is achieved through advanced trading algorithms, carefully crafted by our developers, which mirror proven trading strategies. EFortT clients pay a flat, monthly fee to access the automated trading benefits the site offers. The EForT EFWE team is tasked with improving and supporting the exchange of data between the EForT database system, the Forex Servers that deploy expert advisors and trade without interruption, and the VPS servers that trade on behalf of the user of the EForT web application.

Team Members

Gabi Abdennabi

Victoria Guerra