Food Frequency Questionnaire Ver 1.0


Dr. Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Dr. Cristina Palacios


Quantifying diet in research and in clinical practice is cumbersome, requiring special questionnaires, software, and analysis. Infant dietary requirements change during the first years of life, making it difficult to easily assess infant diet. Dr. Cristina Palacios, from the FIU Department of Dietetics and Nutrition, developed and validated a Food Frequency Questionnaire, a tool used to evaluate infant diet. Up to now, those interested in taking the questionnaire needed to send her a copy of their responses by email and she then calculated the results manually. The core goal of this system was to translate the infant FFQ to an online system that is easily accessible by parents and researchers. The web application will display all of the options in the FFQ and automate the nutrient calculation yielding results quickly, avoiding the overhead of manual calculation. It will also verify that only those with Dr. Palacios’s approval can access the questionnaire.

Team Members

Daniel Diaz

Arlet Bode