GenomePro 2.0


Michael Robinson

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Michael Robinson


Masoud Sadjadi


The Genome Project was launched about a decade ago. After its launch, the need for new considerations on genetic aids to human diseases and the development of coherent strategies for decreasing disease phenotypes altogether was the starting point for gene hunters to start mining wonders from the human genome. These professionals needed more powerful tools and more ambitious strategies to aid their work; hence, the application of computational methods to genomic data science became an ever growing and exciting development, in both biological and medical fields of study. With these thoughts in mind, GenomePro conveys a well-structured programming framework designed to ease the development of efficient and robust analysis tools for next generation genome sequencers. These available tools provide a rich set of data access patterns that encompass the majority of data needed for genomic analysis and offer users the power to efficiently process genomic data files. It also creates results containing accurate information about the differences, similarities, and analytics between genome files.

Team Members

Guido Ruiz

Mardoqueu Mesquita