Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Deng Pan


GraderFinder is a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) application integrated into Canvas with the purpose of allowing professors to easily find graders for courses using the automated system. In addition, it provides students a streamlined platform to sign up to be a grader for assignments that professors post on the GraderFinder app, removing the need for students who meet the relevant grader prerequisites to communicate with a middleman in charge of manually sending out mass emails. The application is built off of the open-source Canvas LMS and uses technologies such as Ruby for the frontend and backend as well as PostgreSQL to store registered grader and course information.

Team Members

Leila Adaza

William Padron

David Paez

Cheska Sy

Enrique Rodicio

Justin Cabrera

Nicholas Delamo

Damian Torrens

Phillip Nguyen