Intelligence Inference Engine


Eric Kobrin


Masoud Sadjadi


The Semantic Web is really about linked data. Linked Data is resource-based linking of information. Each data block consists of three parts, a subject, a predicate, and an object. In essence, you get building block of data which can connect to other building blocks on both ends. When you build complicated webs of information, you end up with a very detailed structure of conceptual knowledge on which you can programmatically answer, acutely, very hard questions. To access that power which the Semantic Web offers, one must know one of the RDF querying languages which is a barrier of entry. The JavaScript library that was created as part of the software solution for this project greatly diminishes the barrier of entry into using the Semantic Web. Using the library makes generating RDF queries much easier as the library only requires little bits of information and then uses that information to construct a syntactically correctly RDF query language query. The entire software solution diminishes the barrier of entry even more. If the JavaScript library is combined with a graphical form which has fields for the necessary data, then generating RDF queries becomes as easy as filling in a form and clicking Submit. The library can take in all the information that the user offers and then generate an appropriate query which can be sent to an RDF triple store and start generating results.

Team Members

Jose Acosta

Lazaro Herrera