Keeping Mothers and Infants Healthy

Product Owner(s):

Jean Hannan


The purpose of this document is to provide the reader with precise information regarding the new developments to the Keeping Moms and Infants Healthy application brought upon by the computer science school’s Summer 2020 Senior Project team. Offered are the exact technologies, methodologies, and logistics behind the improvements to the application. This application functions as an information hub for low-income mothers with newly born, or soon-to-be newly born, infants regarding the prenatal, postnatal, and continued care of the infant and mother. Clinic and shelter availability as well as filtering capabilities in their search, ability to alter personal information within the app, health tips for illnesses and infant care via information dashboards or weekly notifications according to infant-age milestones, and information accessibility through access to documents uploading pages, appointment and reference information logging pages are the many features that have been embedded into the application for the purpose of easing the lives of low-income mothers and their infants. Such services and information require great effort to access in the uncentralized arena that is the general internet, prompting the team to push for fleshed out and familiar features that anyone can learn to use intuitively for the purpose of providing access to the services and information at hand.

Team Members

Michael Llanes

Noe Velasquez

Gabriel Alfonso

Amin Sheikhnia