Key Biscayne Citizen Scientist Project App ver 3.0


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Nathan Moyer


The Key Biscayne Citizen Scientist Project currently has a published iOS application. It was requested that a version of the application be developed for the Android platform to mimic the currently existing Citizen Scientist iOS application. By achieving an expanded audience, The Key Biscayne Community Foundation can introduce conservation efforts to citizen scientists as well as professional scientists so that they may be able to help protect and monitor the local ecosystem, as well as collect and share information amongst each other regarding the local environment. The aim of the application is to feature dynamic, up to date information on the Key Science website, invite users to upload photos of the local ecosystem, and also allow them to set up profiles and interact with the environment in the EcoQuest game. The Citizen Scientist Project Android Application (1.0) is the first release of the application for the Android platform and allows for users with Android devices to enjoy everything that the Key Biscayne Citizen Scientist Project has to offer.

Team Members

Edward Terry

Jose Toledo