Learning OpenFlow / SDN for Research and Experimentation – Version 1.0

A variety of Python scripts and applications were written for this project – the main one being an application called SwitchTester; however, other scripts include the simulation of the AmLight topology using Mininet and OESS.


Jeronimo Bezerra, Mohsen Taheri

Product Owner(s):

Vasilka Chergarova


Masoud Sadjadi


SwitchTester is an application that is used to validate OpenFlow switches. Many vendors that offer products don't fully conform to the OpenFlow specifications as it is very new, cutting-edge technology. Because of this, we need a way to be able to validate switches offered by many different vendors in an automated, easy-to-use manner. Output from existing switch validation software such as OFTest and Ryu are very verbose and cumbersome to scan and interpret. As such, SwitchTester provides an abstraction over the testing framework, allowing for a common CLI, configuration, and human-readable JSON and CSV reports, and component-based system to which new switch validation software can be added.

Team Members

Jahkell Lazarre

Steven Lyons