Life Management 1.0


Ranjeet Deshmukh

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Ranjeet Deshmukh


Masoud Sadjadi


The Life Management helps you discover what matters to you and builds your own personalized life management system while connecting you with folks who care about your progress. Problem: Most people lack a sense of fulfillment and purpose in their lives. The increased use of technology, especially social media has added multiple distractions across all age groups. At times, the continued use of social media provides an escape from reality. Hence, most people end up spending time on things that do not matter, leaving them with a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction. Need: There is a need to help people find their purpose and provide them with a simple, yet intuitive and efficient way to get through Life’s challenges in a simple, yet fun and engaging manner. Analysis: After doing an extensive research with FIU students, along with reading literature on topics such as Productivity, Positive Psychology and the impact of technology on today's youth, we found some valuable insights into what works for most people. There are three key principles that if used in the right way, will lead to continued success and fulfillment in multiples areas of our lives. These principles are: Finding joy in your life, Following your passion, and Making a meaningful contribution to others. Solution provided by the Life management system ( · Getting users to fill out a quick questionnaire that helps them find out what they want in life through a compelling vision and a set of matching activities that tie to their vision. · A live progress dashboard that helps users visualize their progress in real time. · A social platform that helps users connect with mentors that can guide them in their chosen activities. To sum up, the Life management platform will help user’s identity their life’s priorities, align them with their vision and help them visualize their growth giving them a sense of fulfillment and self-confidence.The platform will tie this together in a system consisting of coaches / mentors that will help users reach their goals in the smartest and quickest manner possible.

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