Mathbotics Learning Management System


Dr. Gregory Reis

Product Owner(s):

Dr. Gregory Reis


The purpose of the Mathbotics learning platform is to provide an all-inclusive environment to learn and teach robotics to K12 students. The platform is meant to offer versatile and easy-to-use tools for content-creators to create content, or lessons, and instructors to create and manage classes full of students using the interactive content created by the content creators. The platform is intended to provide a rich environment for the students to learn and interact with the content, and for their guardians to view and stay tuned to their progress through slightly more limited tools than those provided to their instructors. The Mathbotics portal also has a management side that allows administrators to manage the content that instructors and students will be interacting with. The content is custom and curated for students of different grade levels and learning methods. The managerial side here also has the potential to add other “admins” or instructors, so that they may use the platform to fit their needs.

Team Members

Andres Valdes

David Castaneda