MC2: Peer to Peer Based Network Masquerading for Mission Critical Clouds.


Ming Zhao Phd.


Virtualization is an increasingly popular approach to manage rising information technology costs and complexity in every sector of the economy. Cloud computing allows organizations of any size to provision infrastructure resources as needed and flexibly scale technology resources to meet changing demands. Cloud providers pool hardware resources and allocate them based on the requests of their users. In order to efficiently allocate these resources, providers must aggregate users of different requirements and workloads onto the same physical infrastructure. However, this approach increases the likelihood that a malicious user can collocate a VM alongside a target VM in order to extract information or disrupt its functioning in some way. We propose a solution that can deliver mission assurance to mission-critical applications in cloud computing systems. We will do so by leveraging the unique capabilities of virtualization technology that and develop a dynamic and distributed approach to run applications with good security and reliability in typical cloud computing systems.

Team Members

Francois D'Ugard