Miami-Dade County Animal Cruelty Registry ver 1.0


Jay Alvarez De La Campa, Elio Perez

Product Owner(s):

Jay Alvarez De La Campa, Elio Perez, Miami Dade County Information Services Dept


Animal cruelty is a serious problem, resulting in the abuse of thousands of innocent animals each year. Within the past few years, several Florida counties have launched online Animal Abuser Registries. In favor of this cause, an Animal Abuser Registry was developed for Miami-Dade County to be used by both the public, and the Animal Services Department, where persons convicted of animal cruelty can be identified. The front-end web application shows those who have been convicted of animal abuse by publishing their information. It allows users to search and quickly identify defendants by using different search criteria. In addition, it follows Miami-Dade County standards for accessibility and responsiveness.

Team Members

Pablo Mueller

Eddy Mogollon