MIMIC 3.0, Minorities Inspiring Minorities in Computing


Mark A. Finlayson, Labiba Jahan, Victor Yarlott

Product Owner(s):

Mark A. Finlayson


Research has shown that the lack of role models is one barrier to recruiting minority groups into STEM careers. MIMIC 3.0 is a web application that will expose minority students to role models in STEM to try to encourage them to pursue careers in computer science. The paper begins with an introduction of MIMIC 2.0, its features and the goals of MIMIC 3.0. The following chapter presents the project plan related to hardware and software requirements used to complete this project. Afterwards, the paper continues to discuss the system design that was used in the Spring 2020 semester. Finally, the team discusses some of the tests used to validate the functionality that the use cases required.

Team Members

Anthony Sanchez-Ayta

Armando J. Ochoa