Multi Modal Interactive Paint Version 4.0


Francisco R. Ortega

Product Owner(s):

Francisco R. Ortega


Masoud Sadjadi


This project is a software solution to solve the problem of showcasing FIU's OpenHID lab Smart Desk. The desk can contain various devices that have different input methods. Currently implemented devices consist of a Multi Touch Monitor, Tobii EyeX, Intel Real Sense Device, as well as a Leap Motion Controller. Our goal was to create a Painting Application which showcases these various devices and certain functionality they can provide such as Hand Tracking, Facial Recognition, Eye tracking, and finger tracking on a touch pad. We also wanted an environment where we have some sort of control over what the devices do. This experience is designed to be fun and interactive, and provide a way for students using the Smart Desk to get accustomed to and learn about the various devices available.

Team Members

Andrew Mitchell

Garrett Lemieux