PluMA 2.0 Beta GUI


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Trevor Cickovski


PluMA, which stands for Plugin-Based Microbiome Analysis, is a software package intended to allow users to easily create flexible pipelines in order to implement new algorithms in their programming language of choice. This is done with the use of plugins that can be added or removed with ease through the Graphical User Interface. Previous work done with PluMA led to a working version compatible with Linux and Mac, with the PluMA Graphical User Interface previously implemented being an Alpha version. This project is focused on advancing the Alpha version to a Beta version which is more user-friendly than the previous one, with new features that are intended to maximize usefulness for the user. The Beta version of the PluMA GUI will not only be used on Linux and Mac, but it will also be integrated into a new Windows-compatible version that is being created by a separate team.

Team Members

Amanda Fernandez

Rebecca Dupuis

Edward Palermo

Anica Matos

Maheer Ahmed

Christian Dau