SkillCourt Ver 2.0


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Jaime Borras, Gummi Traustason


Masoud Sadjadi


There is a lot involved with the training of soccer players. The current system for training is primitive usually involving an instructor and a physical field for playing. The primary objective is to produce a new, modern, and system for training soccer players. The system will be a program with features that will assist players for learning the skills required on their own. Implementing this system is revolutionary to the way avid players train in the sport. With the functionality and portability that SkillCourt offers, the user can create a personalized regimen for improving skills. Thus, SkillCourt offers an overall improvement to both the soccer training and playing experience for players. Utilizing different engineering architectures and techniques has allowed to create a system which offers a user-friendly interface on top of a model that is easy to understand and maintain.

Team Members

Andres Ruggiero

Erico Oyarzun