Snackability 2.0


Dr. Cristina Palacios

Product Owner(s):

Dr. Cristina Palacios


Dr. Masoud Sadjadi


Snackability is a collaboration between the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition and the Senior Project course at FIU. This app was born after a study conducted by Dr. Cristina Palacios and her team that showed alarming results regarding the diet of adolescent and college students and the growing amount of unhealthy snacks popularized among them. Currently, there is a guideline for healthy snacking published by the USDA; however, these are often lost in translation when youth are faced with the decision to choose a snack. Snackabilty provides a simple guide informing how healthy the snack is by assigning a score based on how compliant it is to the USDA guideline for healthy snacks. The app is being piloted by FIU students for further research.

Team Members

Jeffrey Antoine

Jessiel Benitez

Christian Canizares

Carolina Karthik

Shafeeque Khan

Adrian Serrano