Strategic Marketing Simulator 1.0


Joseph Cilli

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Joseph Cilli


Dr.Masoud Sadjadi


Students of the FIU business school take marketing courses to give them a solid understanding of business activities as they relate to target markets, development of pricing models, the promotion of goods and services, the management of business relationships and consumer behavior. Much of the curriculum is theory as it pertains to marketing concepts, but there is something lacking. The subject application, Strategic Marketing Simulator, allows students and instructors to participate in a mockup of a hotel market, where the way a marketing budget is allocated and the state of the market has a direct impact on how the market trends during an interval of time, a period. Additionally, students gain an understanding on how political and social policy, force majeure, supply and demand etc., can affect one company's market share over another.

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Jeffrey Carman

Javier Andrial