Style-On an innovative mobile cosmetic application

Product Owner(s):

Baely Almonte


This service will make contacting professional make-up artists, hairstylists, and barbers much easier and accessible at the users’ fingertips. This innovative app will allow for individuals to choose the type of service they desire; whether it is getting their make-up done, hair dressed or both. The app is free for all users; however, the stylist will have to pay a small fee every time they receive an offer for a job. Furthermore, different types of filters will help customize the user’s wanted service. For example, filters can range from the type of event to the type of pricing. One of the numerous benefits of the app is the filters because it allows for the make-up artist or hairstylist to pinpoint the type of look that is desired by the user. Style On will also embrace diversity and be an all-inclusive source allowing users to select professionals that specialize in their selected features i.e. skin tone, hair type, and others. To add on to the benefits of the app, all of the artists are experienced, with honest ratings and have been through a thorough background check. Lastly but certainly not least, this app lets you choose the stylists who are closest to you; therefore, you will receive service quickly and efficiently.

Team Members

Ramses Machado

Arturo Fernandez