Touch­midAir­Motion Gesture Input Framework Version 2.0


Ph. D. Francisco Ortega

Product Owner(s):

Ph. D. Francisco Ortega


Masoud Sadjad


We explore the designs of the improved multi­touch visualizer and the new gyroscope visualizer for the Touch mid­Air Motion framework. The sections to follow cover the system design of the visualizers, along with a description of the architectural patterns, and design patterns that were chosen. Diagrams compliment the described models and designs to aid in the understanding of the choices made. Testing methodologies were recorded and the important tests have been elaborated for the benefit of future developers Furthermore, a breakdown of the user stories and task worked on for the visualizers is described in detail, along with information of the hardwares and softwares used. Great emphasis was made on the work done during the sprints, as well as the way work was divided for each sprint has been recorded, and the team’s experiences, both good and bad, have been detailed.

Team Members

Ph.D. Francisco Ortega

Alfredo Zellek

Steven Ignetti