Urban Decision Theater 1.0


Peeraya, Inyim, Paez, Juan Sotomayor

Product Owner(s):

Mostafavi, Ali, Bobadilla, Leonardo


Masoud Sadjadi


Extreme events such as flooding and storm surges due to sea-level rise are significant threats to urban areas. The Urban Decision Theater (UDT) is a 3D Unity application that simulates these extreme event scenarios to allow Urban City Planners to practice and model their decisions, with real world constraints, to find the best available outcome for their cities. UDT simulates such things as traffic, city flood pumps, time, budget, sea-level, and tide.The events and decisions are monitored and routed to an external version of the application. The decisions are also stored in an external server to be reviewed by a moderator. The system supports virtual reality to provide an immersive decision experience in evaluating various scenarios. The main purpose of UDT 1.0 is provide experience to urban-planners to make serious decisions in extreme event scenarios with limited resources like budget and time.

Team Members

Tkachenko, Olena

Santana, Renan