Vertically Integrated Projects 4.0


Mohsen Taheri

Product Owner(s):

Mohsen Taheri


Dr. Masoud Sadjadi


Vertically Integrated Projects 4.0 is the latest version of the VIP website. Currently running live at This version expands on the dynamic features of it's predecessors, by updating or expanding the usage of many existing features of the site. This includes but is not limited to: -Adding several new fields to project proposal forms -Adding more detailed fields to the Student Application Forms -Expanding the Project collection so that projects can be easily archived for multiple semesters We've also created several new features such as: -Project and Semester Locks -Excel Spreadsheet Generation Overall these new and updated features serve to increase the quality of the site, and help make VIP a better platform for which Students and Professors can come together and work on various projects.

Team Members

Joseph Gonzalez

Ravi Kiran

Shefali Nekum

Nandini Dandu

Franco Hernandez