Virtual Job Fair v3.0


Masoud Sadjadi


Masoud Sadjadi


The project was initially developed by a group of FIU students in a Senior Project class during spring 2013. The Virtual Job Fair v3.0 is an application that allows students the opportunity to find their ideal job with easy access to multiple job sites with a user-friendly design. Our goal is to provide students, and administrators with interfaces that enables students to easily search for jobs and receive notifications matching their criteria and based on their profile notification settings; similarly, administrator will be able to do multiple tasks not limited to adding/disabling/removing user accounts, configure global notification, configure settings to synchronize with CareerPath website API and manage Virtual Job Fair API keys. In order to accomplish our goals new functionalities were added to the system, and other were modified.

Team Members

Ana L. Hernandez

Manuel Bouza

Enio Pena Navarro

Tomas Acosta