Virtual Roll Call 4.0


Juan Caraballo

Product Owner(s):

Jason Cohen


Masoud Sadjadi


Traditionally, the first 15 minutes of a police officer's shift is spent at the station in a briefing room where the shift supervisor, commonly of sergeant rank, goes over a clipboard of information with the officers. This information ranges from internal department matters, crime trends, be on the lookouts (BOLOs), as well as any other information that needs to be passed on to the officers at the commencement of their daily tour of duty. The new roll call system, named Virtual Roll Call, is a web-based application where officers can log in to view the documents and information that supervisors would go over at a traditional roll call. The purpose of this new system is to provide an additional avenue for supervisors to communicate and share important information with their officers in real time. Virtual Roll Call will allow for officers to be briefed on all the necessary information and give both the supervisor and officer the flexibility that is expected in the world we live in today.

Team Members

Darilys Pereira

Juan Hernandez