Vocabulary In Reading


Seyedjafar Ehsanzadehsorati

Product Owner(s):

Eric Dweyer


One of the major problems that ESOL, as well as regular students face is the lack of a reliable source to acquire and expand their vocabulary repertoire. If a student is reading a piece of text and does not know what the definition is, they find themselves stopping their reading and fetching for a dictionary. Making study sessions time consuming. There is also no easy way to validate the difficulty of text, which allows professors to select the correct and most adequate material for the targeted class. The Purpose of the VIRS project is to provide a tool to evaluate the difficulty of text for new language learners. VIRS 4.0 had a rudimentary optical character recognition which could not accurately recognize scanned documents or most images of text and there was no way for administrators to upload words to the database in bulk. Additionally, at the start of the project both the local and AWS hosted versions of the project were non-functional. These were the primary problems tackled during the implementation of VIRS 5.0

Team Members

Jorge Costa

Julian Pineiro