Addigy Tunneler and Pubsub


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Jason Dettbarn


Masoud Sadjadi


Our implementation will follow the same idea of GateWays. It will have a personalized server that will redirect all the connections and information to the corresponding tunnel (main server). There will be two softwares (personalized relaying servers) installed on both ends in order to start up a communication with the server and both systems. This will all be done using TCP connections and socket communication. The new system will not need the interaction of the user to start up each program to establish a connection between the computers every time. The end machine which will receive the commands will have a “Tunneler” running. This so called tunneler will create and maintain an open tcp connection with the server (main server). Each tunnel connection will have a unique ID which will be stored into the client’s account and therefore accessible by the client. On the other end the client will also have a software which initialize the connection to the server and it will tell the server who this client is and with which tunnel it wants to communicate.

Team Members

Carlos Ruiz

David Romero