BOLO Project Version 3


Juan Caraballo, Robert Loredo

Product Owner(s):

Samuel Ceballos, Pinecrest Police Department, Police Chief, Jason Cohen, Pinecrest Police Department, Major


Masoud Sadjadi


here are several goals of the new system. Decreasing the time needed for an officer to collect the information and turn it into a usable piece of information (BOLO), the new system will allow officers not only to create bolos with greater ease than never before but also to view Bolos belonging to other departments or agencies in a single place. The system will also help in the notification since emails will be sent to the group of officers selected once a bolo has been created or modified. As mentioned before, all the BOLOs will be kept online at all times which means anyone authorized could access them from almost any device with an internet connection. Another strong point is that the management of the BOLOs will be handled in a more efficient and responsive way by the supervisors, having the ability of editing and removing BOLOs from the system.

Team Members

Ryan del Rosario

Rodney Sanchez