Biometric Identification

Product Owner(s):

Rachelle Tobkes


Passwords are the weakest point of security in the Enterprise today. Despite countless password management tools and security best practices corporations struggle to secure their IT infrastructure due to numerous problems with employee password management and use. Improving authentication and identity management is becoming the most critical aspect of enterprise operations. There are many efforts to strengthen the identity management process such as two-factor authentication which uses a second challenge or multi-factor authentication which uses tokens and passwords. These techniques are cumbersome to use and impede users access to computing resources. Biometrics which provide fingerprint or facial recognition capabilities to identify the end-user has emerged as a convenient method to identify users. Biometrics are being used in many smartphones and some laptops/desktops today and can be leveraged to simplify how users identify themselves in the enterprise. By leveraging one or more biometric identification technique, design and develop a multi-factor authentication system to provide access to an enterprise infrastructure application such as Microsoft One Drive. At least two apps will be developed, one for the end users' phone that employs biometric hardware and one for the enterprise system which maintains the identity management. The phone app provides quick and secure authentication to the enterprise app which is running on a server and accessed via an office computing device like a desktop or laptop. Additional identification factors can be explored such as geolocation, proximity with NFC, and the Trusted Platform Module.

Team Members

Frederick Husson

Andy Garcia