Miami-Dade County One-Stop Film Permitting System


William Rivera, Elio Perez

Product Owner(s):

William Rivera, Elio Perez


This web application provides the Miami Dade County and the City of Miami Beach with a way to monitor and control film production in this area. The film application process provides a scheduling system in order to plan the film production process based on available days depending on location. This is important because it ensures the community will not be negatively affected by this process through prior planning and conversation. In addition, it provides the film production with the best experience after prior organization and accommodations have been made based on their specific demands, needs, and wants as described in their film permit application. The main goal of this system is to provide an intuitive interface so the film application process and therefore the film production process are as seamless and simple as possible. This project is limited to the analysis, design, and development of the front-end (web page) portion of the system. Overall, this project will make an immediate impact within Miami-Dade County and help to facilitate film production in this County.

Team Members

Kent Miguel

Melanie Meza