BOLO. Be on The Look Out v.13.0


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Jason Cohen, Frank Alvarado


FIU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science is working with the Pinecrest Police Department (PPD) to create a web application that replaces the current process to manually fill and distribute Be On the Look Out (BOLO) reports. The BOLO application was designed and developed by past FIU students and each semester students have worked to enhance the system. The application was only available in the localhost and missing some level of automation but was still functioning. Now, it is available through the Product Owner’s domain and it has been secured with HTTPS communication. Therefore The BOLO application version 13.0 is now secure and available to be used for everyday operations, also the look of the BOLO report was modified to meet the Product Owners request. This allows Police Officers to constantly test the system that we have inherited, which opens the path for new developers to enhance the application with new features or appearance as needed while BOLO is already providing value to the Pinecrest Police Department.

Team Members

Mayrelis Morejon

Adisleydi Gonzalez