Infant Food Frequency Questionnaire v 2.0


Dr. Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Dr. Cristina Palacios


The purpose of version 2.0 is to implement the Admin Portal of the Food Frequency Questionnaire web application. The Admin Portal comprises three main features (Food Items, Questionnaire Results and Recommendations) all of them intended to be used only by the “Administrator”. Through the Food Items menu in the Admin Portal, the “Administrator” will be able to add, modify and delete the food items that are included in the questionnaires and also the nutrient values for each one of them. The Admin Portal will allow the “Administrator” to view the responses from submitted questionnaires by accessing the Questionnaire Results menu. By navigating to the “Recommendations” menu, the “Administrator” will see the recommendations for food and nutrients generated by the systems based on the predetermined recommended values provided by Dr. Palacios and the responses the “Participant” submitted. Version 2.0 will also address some functionalities that were left out of version 1.0 scope and are critical for the development of the current version such as saving the questionnaires results in the database, adding the infant age in the questionnaires and grouping food items by food category.

Team Members

Dariana Gonzalez

Daykel Muro