GenomePro 3.0


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Michael Robinson


Masoud Sadjadi


The purpose of the new system is to create a web application that will be able to automate and accelerate the task of processing staggeringly large genomic data files. The new system will offer users the power to efficiently process genomic data files and generate resultant documents containing accurate information about the differences, similarities, and various statistics between/concerning the associated input data files. In addition, a link to the resultant document will be emailed to users once the system is done processing the input data. Moreover, the new system will allow the users to create and manage their account in which they can keep track of a history of jobs submitted by them and results processed by the system. The new system will also eliminate the need to manually perform these data calculations done by users, which can considerably reduce the amount of errors the users can have while doing it manually. Additionally, the new system will provide to the users the speed, performance and accuracy to make their research advance in a faster pace, while allowing users to parallelize job execution using GenomePro tools.

Team Members

Daniel Gonzalez

Roberto Arciniegas