Contest Registration System 1.0


Kip Irvine

Product Owner(s):

Kip Irvine


Masoud Sadjadi


Registration System v1.0 is an interactive website for coaches and administrators to collaborate in the creation and updating competition information. In the newly introduced system, a multiple role system has been added that allows for a coach and an administrator to have separate views of information that they can interact with. A coach can now create an account within the system for easier access to information that pertains to their role. Originally a coach would sign up a team on a form, then submit it to the administrator for review. In the new system a coach will still be able to create a team and add participants, but it will also give a detailed view of all the teams a coach has created. A coach can also modify any information about the participants he has added to a team. The administrator also has the ability to log into the system, but has access to more detailed information about the teams participating in the competitions. The administrator now gets a easy to navigate view of all schools/coaches participating, and is now able to search for a particular school/coach and get that information in a tabular format. The administrator also now has the ability to remove schools from a competition at the click of a button instead of having to remove them through excel. The administrator can now take all the information about a contest(participants, schools, coaches) and archive them for a later viewing with the same ease as the other features.

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