Genomic Sequences Version 1


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Michael Robinson


Masoud Sadjadi


The Final Deliverable of the Genomic Sequences project is meant to provide the reader with all the necessary development information regarding the system. The Genomic Sequences is a web application that helps health professionals, researchers, bioinformatics students, and anyone else with a desire to help to discover treatments for diseases. The web application provides to the users the possibility to quickly obtain a result file through email after uploading data to be analyzed. The tasks of the Genomic Sequences web application is to process data files provided by the users with algorithms that searches, analyzes, and compares the data files. Providing to the user with a summary about the differences, similarities, and analytics encountered on the data files. This will accelerate the process of obtaining a quick result needed during a medical or research examination. In addition, this document gives an introduction to the project, showcases the purpose of the new system, highlights the project plan created for completion of this application, determines the hardware and software requirements, provides details on the overall design of the application, and shows how we validated our application.

Team Members

Yordan Alvarez

Yohan Santos