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Masoud Sadjadi

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Gerald Inberg, Oliver Ullrich, Charaf Azzouzi


Masoud Sadjadi


Traffic in the city of Sweetwater is just as much of a problem as it is for any city, maybe even more since the city of Sweetwater is in the center of major streets and concentrated between Turnpike and SR-836 highways used by all the surrounding cities. The UniversityCity Sweetwater Traffic Simulation(USTS) is a model that utilizes agent based simulation for the purposes of recreating the current traffic conditions that are experienced by the city Sweetwater and attempt to find timing optimizations that the streetlights could employ to reduce traffic. Using the original implementation of the traffic simulation for the Barbarossaplatz region in the city of Cologne, the USTS uses the objects from that research project to build an underlying model. Further, data was needed to correctly simulate: lane lengths, transportation infrastructure layout, and car-agent behavior.

Team Members

Artiom Tiurin

Daniel Costa e Sa