GoDutch 1.0


Dr. Deng Pan, Mohsen Taheri

Product Owner(s):

Dr. Deng Pan


Dr. Masoud Sadjadi


GoDutch 1.0 is a web application that assists a group of travellers with the distribution of payments that happen during their trip. It firstly computes the share a user needs to pay individually for their trip based on their own purchase and consumption activities. Then it generates a list of transactions among the participants, so that each user can end up paying their part by following the list, while the total number of transactions within the group is minimized. GoDutch can be found very helpful for different kinds of trip groups, especially those where multiple purchasers each pays for a subgroup of participants, i.e. payments cannot be simply evenly divided.

Team Members

Jonathan Beltran

Zhenglin Pan