News Platform 1.0


Mohsen Tajeri

Product Owner(s):

Kianoosh G. Boroojeni


Masoud Sadjadi


News Platform is a web and mobile responsive application system that allows users to stay up to date with the latest and most popular news about any topic chosen by the product owner. Research was done to find the best API resources for getting the best news data. The biggest challenges of this system is to allow a product owner to set the topic of the news to anything they desire and that similar news should not be stored in the system. As a result of this system, the developers were able to come up with a proficient solution and beautiful user interface. News platform 1.0 is a website application where the content can be modified by changing a keyword. Depending on the keyword it will show the latest news, videos and tweets. We built the News Platform system using ASP.NET framework including our own API which client applications can make request to for the data we provide. The data that our API provides is gathered from the following APIs: Google News, Bing Search News, Youtube Data API and Twitter Hashtags API. Our platform makes it easy for the product owner to modify all the content as well as for the users to be able to search through our database.

Team Members

Alejandro Ferragut

Christopher Whilar