Learning with Virtual Reality 5.0

Product Owner(s):

Shahin Vassigh


Masoud Sadjadi


Learning with Virtual Reality 5.0 is a Virtual Reality system that focuses on providing an intuitive learning environment for students in the architectural discipline. The system uses a 3D model of FIU’s SIPA building for an educational purpose. On this iteration, our team focused on enhancing the experiences by adding additional details and correcting performance issues. This document will provide a detailed overview of the project goals along with the proposed architecture. The first thing we will describe is the system currently being used by FIU’s Architecture department and the purpose of the new iteration. Afterwards, we will cover the User Stories used to formally capture the requirements for the system. They are presented in a numerical ordered format for ease of reading. Furthermore, we will provide a robust detail overview of the system design including architectural patterns, system/subsystem decomposition, deployment diagrams and design patterns. Finally, system validation will be explained with test cases using both sunny and rainy-day scenarios.

Team Members

Roger Boza

Jerry Pujals